Double header week going into the Victoria Day Long Weekend has 2 nights of high scoring action in IBHL play.

May 14th, 2024

Rocky Da Realtor       10
Nobletoyz                    0
Point getters for Rocky were Nick Biamonte, Joey & Nick Barbosa, Jordan Burke, Chris Cola, Nick DeFazio, Emmett Gibney, Steve Luongo, & Matt Cardadeiro.

Bolton Toyota              1
Caney Plumbing         0 (forfeit)

Foot Clinic and Orthotics          7
Salisbury Garden Supplies       4
In an end-to-end fast paced game Foot Clinic & Orthotics were able to dig out the win over Salisbury Garden Supplies. Fllet of foot for the Clinic were Cooper Bertrand (1g,4a), Ryan Faria (1g,2a), Hayden Heinrich (2g,2a), Owen Sclisszi (2g,2a), Koen Heinrich (1a), Russell Crouch (1a), Andrew Muir (1g), & Jonah Kennedy (1a). Salisbury snipers were Brayden Charlton, Brandon Orr, Cameron Garcia & Luke Valade, with assists from the sticks of Garcia, Orr, Tyler Grant, Charlton, Ryan Slack & Alexander Hallsworth.

Lockyer + Hein            2
French Glass Co.        2
In a tight match both teams left it all on the floor and couldn’t best the other. Lockyer’s lamp lighter was Jonathan Kukucska with the brace helped by Travis Watts, Eddie Croft, & Mike Mansueti. French’s glass cleaner was Jason Oreskovic with the pair assisted by Robert Legge (goalie), Nico Armenio & Matt Armstrong.

Adcro Group Ltd          4
Gusto Restaurant        2
In a solid match, Adcro were able to pot a pair in the 3rd frame to garner the victory over the Gusto group. Adcro’s aces were Simran Mahal from Chris Della Mora & Jason Kooner, Pratyush Bhandari from Mahal, Sebastian Geraci from Harry Singh & Kultaran Singh, and Mahal from Bhandari & H Singh. Gusto go to guys were Carlo Luciani from JP Soares, and Josh Soares from JP & Nick Luciani.

May 16th, 2024

Gusto Restaurant                      6
Salisbury Garden Supplies        1
Gusto bounced back on Thursday taking the win over a short-benched Salisbury group. Gusto’s goal getters were JP Soares, Lawson Ramsay, Griffen Ramsay, Joshua DaCosta, & Josh Soares. Assists were from the sticks of Carlo Luciani, Soares, DaCosta, Marcello Lucian., Jeff Simpson, Ramsay and Hayden Ramsay. Salisbury’s lone lamp lighter was Brayden Charlton from Tyler Grant & Cameron Garcia.

Adcro Group         14
Carney Plumbing   1
Point getters for Adcro were Chris & Alex Della Mora, Pratyush Bhandari, Simran Mahal, Sid Dhatta, Sebastian Geraci, Chris Peters, Nick Figliomeni, Jason Kooner, Michael Ianni, Kultaran Singh. Carney’s lone bright spot was Nick Wood from Jeff Nugent & Chris McCron.

French Glass Co         9
Nobletoyz                    2
French Glass goal getters were Gordon Tobin, Ryan Silveira, Jason Oreskovic, Eric Langen, & Seamus McGee. Assists went to McGee, Phil Oreskovic, Langen, J Oreskovic, Tobin, Silveira, Mike Rockall. Nobletoyz noise maker was Travis Tancoo with both markers, helped by Derrick Noble, & Justin Vanstone.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 5
Riverdale Fitness Mill   3
In a game that was full speed from the drop of the ball Foot Clinic were able to outrun the Riverdale Fitness fellows and get the narrow margin win. Foot Clinic flashers were Cooper Bertrand from Andrew Muir & Jarod McHiliargey, Thomas McClure from Bertrand & Muir, Bertrand from Hayden Heinrich & McClure, H Heinrich from Koen Heinrich & Bertrand, and H Heinrich from Bertrand. Riverdale’s racers were Tyler Richards from David Provanzano & Ethan Firsoff, Robert Lenstra from Mark Ebsary & Firsoff, and Sean Cromack from Andrew McClure & Ebsary.

Rocky Da Realtor       8
Bolton Toyota              1
The last game saw the leagues only female keeper, suit up and play her heart out for Bolton Toyota. Rocky point getters were Nick Biamonte, Jordan Burke, Steve Luongo, Nick DeFazio, Matt Cardadeiro, Nick Barbosa, Joey Barbosa, Emmett Gibney, and Chris Cola. Bolton’s banger was Dillon Cole from Johnny Simoes & Rocco Manicone.