Ten games, 2 nights, tight scores, shutouts, blow outs and ties. We had it all this week in IBHL play.

May 09 2023

Caledon Hills Cycling 3
Bolton Toyota 2
The first one of the week had Caledon Hills Cycling able to hold off the Bolton Toyota crew with a pair in the 3rd. Cycling crashers were Seamus McGee from Jason Oreskovic & Andrew Estevez, McGee from Oreskovic, and Phil Oreskovic from J. Oreskovic & Lucas Pontes. Toyota’s twine ticklers were Michael Sampson from David Dlugozima & Amanpreet Grewal, and Eric Viveiros from Sampson & Brendan DaFoe.

Nobletoyz 6
Carney Plumbing 2
Nobletoyz came out bouncing and potted a pair per period to get the win over Carney Plumbing. Nobletoyz’s superheroes were Nicholas Lewis with the hat-trick plus one for 4, and Derek Benjamin & Derrick Noble with singles. Helpers came from the sticks of the sidekicks Noble, Benjamin, Bradan Vanstone, Michael Kadis & Randy Garcha. Carney’s villains were Bandon Sinclair (unassisted), and Benjamin Karstens from Jessica Turk-Maiato.

Gusto Restaurant Caledon 1
Adcro Group Ltd. 1
In a nail biter, neither team could best the other with both Dylan Berry (Gusto) and Johnathan Crocetti standing tall and turning away all but one. Gusto’s go to guy was Eric Cosgrove from Cameron Randall & Brandon Verrinder, while Adcro’s’ ace was Alex Della Mora from Simran Mahal.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 7
Link Mechanical 1
The lads from Foot Clinic & Orthotics showed just how fleet of foot they are with a big win over Link Mechanical. Foot Clinics feet fetish fellows were Ryan Faria & Mitch Banks with 2 each and singles from Cooper Bertrand, Andrew Muir & Jarod McHiliargey. Assists went to Hayden Heinrich, Koen Heinrich, Banks, Muir, Bertrand, Faria, Chase Palmerio, keeper Matthew Jaques & Christian Rasmussen. Links lone lamplighter was Evan Crocker from Nick DiFazio & Rob Doyle.

Lockyer + Hein 4
Riverdale Fitness Mill 2
The last one of the night had some hot heads and a lot of penalties for both sides but only Lockyer + Hein were able to capitalize on the powerplay with 3 markers. Lockyer’s net nabbers were Jordan Burke from Devon Dunkerley, Riley Valade from Paul Detoro, Burke from Chris Quayle & Jake Sterritt, and Valade from Mitch Bans & John Washington. Riverdale’s ramblers were Brennan Ciccotelli from Andrew McClure & Owen Adams, and Troy Smith from Ethan Firsoff.

May 11 2023

Riverdale Fitness Mill 8
Carney Plumbing 0
Chris Harris earned the shutout for Riverdale Fitness while the Carney Plumbing crew couldn’t get unclogged. Point getters for Riverdale were Brennan Ciccotelli, Joey Jacome, Cody O’Neil, David Provanzano, Mark Ebsary, Troy Smith,& Ethan Firsoff.

Caledon Hills Cycling 5
Foot Clinic & Orthotics 4
In a hard fought contest Caledon Hills Cycling were able to hold off the Foot Clinic & Orthotics third period onslaught and get the win. Cycling’s cage crashers were James Tielo from Seamus McGee & Jason Oreskovic, Oreskovic from McGee, Oreskovic from McGee & Eric Langen, Oreskovic (unassisted), and McGee from Matt Armstrong & Shawn Vultao. Foot Clinic’s fancy feet were by Cooper BErtrand from Koen Heinrich & Hayden Heinrich, H Heinrich from K Heinrich & Jarod McHiliargey, Jonah Kennedy from Bertrand & H Heinrich, & H HEinrich from Bertrand & Josh Horvath. 

Bolton Toyota 5
Nobletoyz 0
Bryan Dlugozima was a wall and earned the shutout for the Bolton Toyota crew. Toyota’s terrors were Michael Sampson from David Dlugozima, Steve Sherritt from Shamir Saleem, Jake Power from Eric Viveiros & Sampson, Amanpreet Grewal from Sampson & Dlugozima, & Grewal from Sherritt & Viveiros.

Lockyer + Hein 5
Gusto Restaurant Caledon 2
The Lockyer + Hein lads showed the Gusto Restaurant Caledon foodies the law of the land and took the game with a 4 goal 2nd frame. Lockyer’s punishers were Jordan Burke (unassisted), Riley Valade from Paul Detoro & Burke, Valade from Mitch Banks & Burke, Detoro (unassisted), & Josh Van Amelsvoort (unassisted). Gusto’s delivery guy was Tyler Fell with both, served up by Brandon Verrinder, Kelvin Young & Cody Gibson.

Adcro Group Ltd 4
Link Mechanical 2
The last one of the week had both goalies, Jonathan Crocetti (Adcro) & Cindy Bachorski (Link) turn away a large number of shots with Adcro able to come out on top. Adcro’s aces were Matthew Scida from Chris Della Mora & Kultarn Singh, Fraser Neal from Sebastian Geraci & Scida, Della Mora from Aman Gill & Singh, and Gill from Alex Della Mora & C Della Mora. Link Mechanical’s mechanics was Jakob Gatt with both, helped by Jesse Gatt.