Two nights of action to round out the regular season in IBHL play has close games, shut-outs, blow outs, upsets and penalties, as teams jockey for position.

June 6, 2023

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 3
Adcro Group Ltd 1
Adcro had their undefeated season on the line as they went into the second last game of the regular season, but Foot Clinic had other ideas. The fleet of foot, Foot Clinic fellows took no prisoners as Hayden Heinrich potted a hat-trick in the 3rd frame and Adcro just couldn’t climb out of the hole. Helping out Heinrich were Cooper Bertrand, Owen Sclisszi & Koen Heinrich. Adcro’s lone lamplighter was Aman Gill from Simran Mahal & Fraser Neal.

Riverdale Fitness Mill 3
Bolton Toyota 0
In the first shut-out of the night Chris Harris stood tall and turned away all as the Riverdale Fitness crew got their workout in and took the win. Stick flexing for the Riverdale group were Mark Ebsary from David Provanzano, Andrew McClure from Owen Adams & Jack Purchase, & Purchase from Ebsary & Adams.

Carney Plumbing 4
Link Mechanical 3
Carney Plumbing finally got the leak stopped and plunged their way to victory in a close game that saw them down early but never out. Andrew Whale and Brandon Sinclair were the clog busters to get the pipes flowing for Carney with each of them netting a pair. Plumber’s assistants were Ben Karstens, Brandy Whipple, Chris Unwin & Jed Franco. Link’s lamp lighters were Jesse Gatt with 2 and Jakob Gatt with the single, assisted by Cindy Bachorski, Jakob Gatt, Gavin D’Eri & Tony DiFazio.

Caledon Hills Cycling 11
Lockyer and Hein 0
In the second shut out of the night, Robert Legge earned his league leading 5th shutout of the year for the Cycling crew. Pedal pushers for the Cyclers were Lucas Pontes, Seamus McGee, Jason Oreskovic, Mike Azevedo, James Tielo, Matt Armstrong, Phil Oreskovic, Eric Langen, and Kevin Cordeiro. Water bottle carriers (assists) were from McGee, J Oreskovic, Armstrong, Pontes, Langen, Ryan DeLima, Mike Ghaly, Andrew Estevez & Cordeiro.

Gusto Restaurant Caledon 6
Nobletoyz 1
IN the last one for the 6th of June, Gusto Restaurant served up a warm plate of defeat to the Nobletoyz caped crusaders. Brandon Verrinder was the head waiter, potting a pair while Wendle Simpson, Jacob Mota-Wyatt, Cody Gibson & Mike O’Reilly each had their own tables with singles. Table bussers / helpers were Gibson, Simpson, Kelvin Young, Chris McCron, O’Reilly & Verrinder. Nobletoyz superman was Nicholas Lewis from Michael Kadish.

June 08, 2023

Link Mechanical 7
Bolton Toyota 4
With neither team being able to figure the other out until the 2nd frame, Link was able to take the win in the last regular season game. Link’s net nabbers were Jesse Gatt with the hattrick, Kolby Welsh with a pair, and Jakob Gatt, & Evan Crocker with singles. Assists were from the sticks of the Gatt brothers, Tony Sousa, Nick Deguara, Welsh & Gavin D’Eri. Toyota’s turnpike takers were Keith Anderson with the hattrick & Amanpreet Grewal with the single, pit crewed by Jake Power, Brian Hennesy & Kevin Anderson.

Lockyer and Hein 4
Carney Plumbing 0
John Kutt was judge, jury and executioner for the legal beagles for Lockyer and Hein as he slammed the door and kept Carney locked up.  Lockyer’s legal lamplighters were Riley Valade from Devon Dunkerley, Vince MacDonald from Jacob DiGenova-Smith, Carter Tremblay from Jordan Burke & Dunkerley from Jake Sterritt.

Caledon Hills Cycling 6
Gusto Restaurant 1
Caledon Hills Cycling kept their week rolling with a win that would ultimately give them 1st spot in the regular season. Mike Azevedo potted the hat-trick for the winning side while Jason Oreskovic, Seamus McGee & Matt Armstrong added singles, with McGee, Oreskovic, Ryan DeLima, Azevedo, Lucas Pontes, & Tiago Medeiros assisting. Gusto’s lone special was Rocco Manicone from Jacob Mota-Wyatt & Brandon Verrinder.

Adcro Group Ltd 6
Nobletoyz 0
For the second shutout of the night Johnathan Crocetti was a wall and turned away all for the Adcro aces. Point getters for Adcro were Manveer Lota, Kultran Singh, Connor Catenaro, Alex Della Mora, Michael Ianni, Vince Figliomeni, Pietro DeMarchi, Aman Gill, Simran Mahal, Chis Peters, Dave Phillips & Chris Della Mora.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 3
Riverdale Fitness Mill 0
In the last one of the 2023 regular season for the IBHL, Foot Clinic was fleet of foot once again and ran over the Riverdale Fitness Mill men, with Christian Rasmussen getting the 3rd shutout of the night to round out the 2023 regular season. Foot Clinic’s go to guys were Owen Sclisszi from Cooper Bertrand, Bertrand from Ethan Pacheco & Hayden Heinrich, & Sclisszi from Bertrand and Heinrich.