Last night of the 2023 IBHL round robin playoffs has teams jockeying for the last semi-final spot.

August 08

Foot Clinic & Orthotics   12
Carney Plumbing              0
Foot Clinic & Orthotics took it all from the Carney Plumbing crew, solidifying their hold on 1st place, and regulating Carney to 9th. Point getters for the Foot Clinic were Cooper Bertrand, Owen Sclisszi, Ryan Faris, Hayden Heinrich, Koen Heinrich, Chase Palmerio, Sami Molu, Jarod McHiliargey, Ethan Pacheco, and Darcy McClure.

Adcro Group Ltd.              4
Gusto Caledon                   3
In a tight match Adcro were able to edge out Gusto and capture 2nd spot in the playoffs, leaving the fate of Gusto up to the 3rd game to see where they would finish (spoiler alert, they would end up in 5ht spot, 1 point out of the semi-finals). The first frame saw neither team able to get anything past the keepers, Johnathan Crocetti (Adcro), Dylan Berry (Gusto). Period 2 saw Aman Gill from Connor Catenaro & Simran Mahal get Adcro on the board early, while Gusto was able to tie it up late in the frame when Andy Williams from Mark Rice & Cody Gibson found the back of the net. Adcro were able to snap in 3 in the first half of the 3rd, enough to seal the deal, with Alex Della Mora from Mahal, & Chris Della Mora, Sebastian Geraci from Gill & Fraser Neal, and Chris Peters from C Della Mora & Catenaro getting the job done. Gusto stormed back to get within one in the later half of the third whit Tyler Fell from Williams & Gibson, and Brandon Verrinder from Gibson closing the gap, but it wasn’t to be this season.

Riverdale Fitness Mill      11
Nobletoyz                           1
The third game saw both teams take it cautiously in the first half of the 1st period with no goals until Andrew McClure netted a pair of short-handed markers for Riverdale. This gave Riverdale the fire they needed to get 4.5 points and gain 4th spot to move on to the semi-finals and had Nobletoyz finish in 10th. Other point getters for Riverdale were Mark Ebsary, Joey Jacome, David Provanzano, Brennan Ciccotelli, Troy Smith, Tyler Richards, Tyler Grant, Sean Cromack, & Ty Harris. Nobletoyz lone lamp lighter was Mark Zijlstra from Nick Lewis & Michael Kadish.

Caledon Hills Cycling       3
Lockyer & Hein                  0 (forfeit)
Caledon Hills Cycling took 3rd spot in the semi-finals, and Lockyer & Hein ended their year in 6th.

Bolton Toyota    3
Link Mechanical 0 (forfeit)
Bolton Toyota ended their season in 8th spot, with Link Mechanical in 7th.