A wild week of action in the IBHL, with penalties galore and a few goals too.

May 16 2023

Adcro Group Ltd 4
Lockyer & Hein 3
In the only penalty free match of the night Adcro was able to pot one in the 3rd frame and garner the win. Adcro’s aces were Michael Ianni from Sebastian Geraci & Matt Scida, Chris Della Mora from Dave Phillips, Manveer Lota from Geraci & Fraser Neal, and Geraci from Chris Peters. Lockyer’s lawmakers were Devon Dunkerley (unassisted), Matt Berry from Mitch Banks, and Berry from Banks & Jacob DiGenova-Smith.

Riverdale Fitness Mill 6
Link Mechanical 2
In the first one with hot heads and high emotions, Riverdale Fitness was able to net 3 in each of the second & third frames to secure the win, while penalties ran rapid. Riverdale’s workers were Andrew McClure with the hattrick, David Provanzano with a pair and Brennan Ciccotelli with the single. Helpers were from McClure, Mark Ebsary, Owen Adams, Sean Cromack, Ciccotelli & Robert Lenstra. Link’s fastener was Jesse Gatt with both, assisted by Jakob Gatt, Nick Deguara, & Kolby Welsh.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 5
Carney Plumbing 0
Christian Rasmussen stood his ground and didn’t let the Carney Plumbing crew spring a leak. Foot Clinic’s fleet of foot fellows were Hayden Heinrich with the hattrick, & Jarod McHiliargey & Ethan Pacheco with singles. Also making it on the game sheet were Cooper Bertrand, Andrew Muir, Ryan Faria, Thomas McClure and Matt Jaques.

Caledon Hills Cycling 5
Nobletoyz 0
After a calm 3rd game, the fourth one of the night amped back up with more hot heads and penalties. Robert Legge was able to stop the onslaught of Nobletoyz brigade for the shutout. Caledon Hills crashers were Seamus McGee from Jason Oreskovic & Matt Armstrong, Armstrong from Kevin Cordeiro, McGee from Oreskovic & Armstrong, Oreskovic from McGee and Phil Oreskovic & Mike Azevedo from J Oreskovic & Armstrong.

Bolton Toyota 2
Gusto Restaurant 2
In the last one of the night tempers and poor behaviour were still the name of the game, with neither team being innocent. Gusto go getters were Jaden Condotta with a goal & an assist, Jacob Mota-Wyatt with a goal, and John Simoes with an assist. Bolton Toyota’s drivers were Michael Sampson from Brendan Dafoe, & Amanpreet Grewal from Jake Power & Sampson.