Hot night of IBHL action on June 14th as the regular season is in its last few weeks.

Adcro Property 6
Gold 1
Adcro continued their winning ways with a victory over Gold on this sweltering night.  Gold’s lone marksman was Joey Jacome from Tyler Richards & Andrew McClure. Adcro aces were Chris Della Mora from Nick Figliomeni & Dave Phillips, Figliomeni from JP Kamber & Sebastian Geraci, Geraci from Della Mora & Figliomeni, Geraci from Chris Peters & Vince Figliomeni, Geraci (unassisted), and N Figliomeni from Geraci & Peters.

Lockyer + Hein 3
Link Mechanical 1
In a tight one Lockyer was in line and locked in for the win. Lockyer lamp lighters were Cody Gibson with a marker & 2 helpers, Wendle Simpson with 1 & 1, Marco Franza with a goal & an assist, and Kyle Young with an assist. Link’s lamp lighter was Lenny Furtado from Gavin D’Eri & David Dlugozima.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 8
Carney Plumbing 2
Foot Clinic found their groove and continued on their tune up for the playoffs over Carney Plumbing. Carney’s go to gang were Mark Ebsary from Jessica Turk Maiato & Michael Ebsary, and Mark Ebsary from Travis Cassar & Ben Karstens. Foot Clinic point getters were Cooper Bertrand, Mitch Banks, Russell Crouch, Chase Palmerio, Owen Sclisizzi, Andrew Muir, Austin Tremblay & Jarod McIlhargey.

Pro Net Sports 8
Caledon Hills Cycling 0
To round out the night Pro Net got the shut-out and took the win. Pro Net point getters were Jason Oreskovic, Tristan Brindley, Phil Oreskovic, Lucas Pontes, Seamus McGee, Carlos Medeiros & James Tielo.