The 2023 season of the IBHL is now underway with opening night April 18th showing some big scores, tight games and a ton of good sportsmanship

Adcro Group Ltd. 7
Bolton Toyota 1
The first game saw runners up Adcro show why they made it all the way last season. Net nabbing for the Adcro Group were Chris Della Mora, Sebastian Geraci (2), Simran Mahal (2), Connor Cantenaro and Matt Scida. Helpers came from the sticks of Cantenaro, Scida, Della Mora, Chris Peters, Fraser Neal, Manveer Lota, Mahal, and Dave Phillips. Bolton Toyota’s lone lamp lighter was Amanpreet Grewal from David Dlugozima & Shamir Saleem.

Gusto Restaurant 5
Riverdale Fitness 2
In a battle of the new sponsors, Gusto was able to take a bite out of Riverdale and get the win. Gusto go getters were Cody Gibson with the hat-trick and Rocco Manicone & Ryan McKee with singles, helped by Kyle Young, Jacob Mota-Wyatt, Manicone, Tyler Fell & Mike O’Reilly. Riverdale drivers were David Provanzano from Cody O’Neil & Tyler Grant, and Troy Smith from Joey Jacome.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 10
Lockyer + Hein LLP 0

Christian Rasmussen got the year’s first shut-out and also garnered an assist for Foot Clinic as they took full advantage of the short-benched Lockyer lads. Other point getters for Foot Clinic were Cooper Bertrand, Matthew Jaques, Hayden Heinrich, Koen Henrich, Andrew Muir, Jonah Kennedy, Josh Horvath, Darcy McClure & Ethan Pacheco.

Link Mechanical 2
Nobletoyz 1
In a nail biter both Cindy Bachorski (Link) and George Robinson (Nobletoyz) stood strong for their teams with Link being just able to squeak out the win. Link linkers were Kyle Bachorski from Tony Sousa, and Sousa from Tony DiFazio. Nobletoyz net nabber was Michael Kadish from Ryan Hawley & Paul Zijlstra.

Caledon Hills Cycling 8
Carney Plumbing 0
Last years champs, under new sponsorship for the 2023 season, showed why they won it all with a strong outing against the Carney crew. Caledon Hills point getters were Phil & Jason Oreskovic, Matt Armstrong, Lucas Pontes, Seamus McGee, Kevin Cordeiro, Eric Langen, & James Tielo.