In a blink of an eye the 2023 season of the Inglewood Ball Hockey League has drawn to a close, with Foot Clinic and Orthotics being crowned champions.

August 17th, 2023

Foot Clinic and Orthotics  4
Adcro Group Ltd.              2
In a hard fought, tight end to end game a winner was decided in the Finals of the IBHL when Foot Clinic and Orthotics were able to best Adcro Group Ltd.  The 1st period had each team feeling each other out to see if there was any give at all and Cooper Bertrand from Owen Sclisszi & Koen Heinrich were able to break the stalemate with a goal for Foot Clinic just past the halfway point of the period. Not to be out done Adcro Group bounced back just over two minutes later when Sebastian Geraci from Simran Mahal & Michael Ianni tied it all up at 1’s. The second frame saw both teams settle into some tough defense with Foot Clinic’s Cooper Bertrand finding the back of the twine tent from Sclisszi & Jarod McHiliargey to give them a 2-1 lead. With time counting down in the 2nd Sclisszi from Hayden Heinrich gave Foot Clinic a little bit of breathing room pulling ahead 3-1. The third period was a battle of the tenders. Johnathan Crocetti for Adcro stood his ground and wouldn’t give any quarter, holding the opposition off the board. Christian Rasmussen for Foot Clinic was stopping all coming to him until late in the period Connor Cantenaro from Mahal & Alex Della Mora got the Adcro Group to within one. With the game winding down Adcro pulled out all the stops to try and tie it and put their keeper on the bench for the extra attacker and threw everything they had towards the net. Cooper Bertrand in the dying seconds was able to get the ball the length of the rink and put it in the empty net to seal the victory for Foot Clinic and Orthotics.

We at the IBHL would like to extend our thanks to everyone involved this season, the players, referees, timekeepers, arena staff, sponsors, fans, and supporters! It was overall a great season with some fantastic games. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and are looking to come back to our little coed, adult, all skill level, for fun league. We are looking forward to 2024 and will update all as we get information to share.


Brian & Lesley