The last double header week of the regular season has shut-outs, big scores, close matches and teams jockeying for position as the regular season is winding down in IBHL play.

May 28, 2024

Lockyer + Hein            7
Carney Plumbing        1
Lockyer lamp lighters were Mike Mansueti, Brandon Dorner, Michael Johns & Jonathan Kukucska, with assists from the sticks of Mansueti, Travis Watts, Johns, Kukucska, & Andrew Whale. Carney’s net nabber was Jessica Turk- Maiato from Nick Woods and Dylan Berry.

Gusto Restaurant        9
Nobletoyz                    1
Gusto go to guys were JP & Josh Soares, Hayden Ramsay, Joshua DaCosta, & Marcello Luciani, with help from Curtis Erskine, JP & Josh, Carlo, Nick & Marcello Luciani, Lawson & Hayden Ramsay. Nobletoyz marker was Hunter MacGregor from Tony Sousa.

Adcro Group Ltd           2
Riverdale Fitness Mill   0
Giancarlo Malanca from Carney Plumbing helped the Adcro bunch when they needed a tender and earned the shut-out over Riverdale Fitness Mill. Adcro’s lamp lighters were Pratyush Bhandari from Simran Mahal, & Chris Della Mora from Mahal & Nick Figliomeni.

Rocky da Realtor          4
French Glass Co.          3
In a tight one that saw tempers flair in the 3rd frame Rocky da Realtor was able to hang on and get the win to remain undefeated. French Glass bin bulgers were Seamus McGee from Jason Oreskovic & Carlos Medeiros, Oreskovic from Phil Oreskovic, & Ryan Silveira from Medeiros. Rocky’s rockers were Matt Cardadeiro with the hat-trick & Steve Luongo with the single, assists were from the sticks of Joey Barbosa, Chris Cola, Cardadeiro & Nick Barbosa.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 5
Bolton Toyota               2
After a scoreless 1st frame Foot Clinic stepped it up and started bulging the bin. Foot Clinic goals went to Cooper Bertrand with the hat-trick, Owen Sclisszi & Darcy McClure, with help from Jarod McHiliargey Andrew Muir, Sclisszi, Russell Crouch, Christian Rasmussen, & Ethan Pacheco. Toyota’s gas guzzlers were David Dlugozima from Kyle Bachorski *& Cindy Bachorski, K Bachorski from Jake Power & Jacob Mota-Wyatt.

May 30, 2024

Foot Clinic & Orthotics  6
Rocky da Realtor          3
Foot Clinic showed why they are the defending champs, taking full advantage of the short benched Rocky da Realtor crew and handing them their first loss. Fancy footwork from the Foot Clinic were Cooper Bertrand with the hat-trick & an assist, Koen Heinrich with one of each, Hayden Heinrich with a pair of goals, and Andrew Muir, & Jarod McHiliargey with assist each. Rocky’s razers were Steve Luongo from Jordan Burke & Matt Cardadeiro, Nick Barbosa from Burke & Nick DeFazio, & Barbosa from Luongo & Cardadeiro.

Riverdale Fitness Mill   4
French Glass Co.         2
In a close affair Riverdale was able to garner the victory over the French Glass Co group and shake off the loss from earlier in the week. Riverdale’s runners were Robert Lenstra from Troy Smith, Owen Adams from Brennan Ciccotelli, Mark Ebsary from Ethan Firsoff, & Ciccotelli from Luca Triolo. French Glass guys were Mike Rockall from Ryan Silveira, & Silveira (unassisted).

Adcro Group Ltd          6
Nobletoyz                    0
In their 2nd shut-out of the week, with their second sub goalie from Carney Plumbing, this time Dylan Berry, Adcro got the win. Adcro point getters were Christopher Millman, Vivek Bhandari, David Burke, Sebastian Geraci, Simran Mahal, Chris Della Mora, & Pratyush Bhandari.

Gusto Restaurant          4
Carney Plumbing          1
Gusto Restaurant was well fed and were able pot a pair in each of the 1st two frames to take the win from Carney. Gusto’s servers were Marcello Luciani from Josh Soares & Daniel Wall, Soares from Griffen Ramsay & Joshua DaCosta, Luciani from Soares & DaCosta, & Soares from Luciani.

Salisbury Garden Supplies     6
Lockyer + Hein                        5
In a barn burner, Salisbury Garden Supplies were able to hold on for the win over the Lockyer + Hein group. Lockyer goal getters were Mike Mansueti, Jonathan Kukucska, Michael Johns, & Brett Hoffman, with assists from Johns, RJ Yorke, Mansueti, Eddie Croft, & Matthew Bis. Salisbury goal baggers were Brandon Orr, Matt McKeown, Brayden Charlton, & Tyler Cohen, with help from the sticks of Cohen, Cameron Garcia, Charlton, Orr & McKeown.

Only one night of regular season play remains, round robin playoffs begin on June 11.