Last night of the IBHL regular season has teams jockeying for placement, tempers flaring and some big scores.

June 04, 2024

French Glass Co.        5
Bolton Toyota              1
In the first match, the short-benched Toyota crew were no match for the French Glass guys which ended Bolton Toyota into 9th spot and French Glass Co. into 6th spot after the regular season. Bolton’s lone marksman was David Dlugozima from Amanpreet Grewal. French Glass got it going with Jason Oreskovic from Seamus McGee & Shawn Vultao, J Oreskovic from Scott Tobin, Phil Oreskovic from Tobin, Ryan Silveira from Matt Armstrong & Eric Langen, and Mike Rockall from Tobin & J Oreskovic.

Rocky da Realtor         3
Adcro Group Ltd          0
With their backup goalie in net Rocky da Realtor showed that they are a force to be reckoned with, garnering the win and earning 1st place in the regular season with Adcro Group ending up in 3rd.  Rocky’s rockers were Joe Ranieri from Joey Barbosa & Nick Barbosa, Jordan Burke from Ranieri & J Barbosa, and Steve Luongo from Burke & J Barbosa.

Gusto Restaurant Caledon       3
Riverdale Fitness Mill               1
With the high pace of this game both teams let their tempers get the better of them and it showed on the penalty side of the game sheet. Gusto did manage to pull out the victory earning 5th spot, while Riverdale, even with the loss, were able to hang on the 4th place. Gusto’s go to guys were Josh Soares from Jeff Simpson & Chris Erskine, Joshua DaCosta from Hayden Ramsay, and JP Soares from Ramsay. Riverdale’s lamp lighter was Owen Adams from Mark Ebsary & Tyler Richards.

Lockyer + Hein 9
Nobletoyz        2
Lockyer + Hein earned 8th spot, relegating Nobletoyz to 10th place. Lockyer point getters were Eddie Croft, Andrew Whale, Andrew LaPlante, Mike Mansueti, Jonathan Kukucska, Michael Johns, Ryan Rocha, Brett Hoffman, & Brandon Dorner. Nobletoyz net nabbers were Brothers Paul & Mark Zijlstra with one each, helped by Nick Lewis, Travis Tancoo, P Zijlstra & Derrick Noble.

Salisbury Garden Supplies        8
Carney Plumbing                      1
In the last game of the regular season Salisbury Garden Supplies earned 7th spot with the win, while Carney finished in 11th. Salisbury point getters were Brandon Orr, Tyler Grant, Joey Jacome, Brayden Charlton, Tyler Cohen & Antonio Rizzo. Carney’s bin bulger was Travis Johnson from JP Kamber & Jessica Turk Maiato.

Final standings of the IBHL 2024 regular season – 1st Rocky da Realtor, 2nd Foot Clinic & Orthotics, 3rd Adcro Group Ltd, 4th Riverdale Fitness Mill, 5th Gusto Restaurant Caledon, 6th French Glass Co., 7th Salisbury Garden Supplies, 8th Lockyer + Hein, 9th Bolton Toyota, 10th Nobletoyz, 11th – Carney Plumbing.

Playoffs begin June 11th, stay tuned for the excitement that will ensue!