Last one for the month on May 30th, for the Inglewood Ball Hockey League, had blow outs, shut-outs, and a couple of close ones.

Caledon Hills Cycling 9
Carney Plumbing 0
Starting out the night Robert Legge for the cycling crew showed that he was already in playoff form, turning away all that the plumbing purveyors could throw at him. At the other end Seamus McGee and Jason Oreskovic were the threats that couldn’t be handles with them getting 6 points each. Other contributors for Caledon Hills Cycling were Matt Armstrong, Lucas Pontes, Mike Azevedo, Andrew Estevez, Kevin Cordeiro & Ryan DeLima.

Nobletoyz 3
Link Mechanical 2
In an evenly matched event, Nobletoyz narrator’s were able to take a bit more of the stuffing out of the long benched Link Mechanical crew and get the win. Michael Kadish from Derrick Noble & Ryan Hawley got the Toy makers on the board with Derrick Noble adding 2 more goals and Hawley 2 more assists, and Kadish with 1 assist for the winning side. Link’s lifelines were Nick DiFazio (unassisted) and Jesse Gatt from Tony Sousa & Gavin D’Eri.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 13
Lockyer & Hein 3
The third game saw the second big score of the night with Foot Clinic stepping over their office neighbours, Lockyer & Hein and winning the case. Foot flashers were Cooper Bertrand (5g,2a), Hayden Heinrich (1g,5a), Owen Sclisszi (2g,3a), Matthew Jaques (3a), Koen Heinrich (2g,3a), Chase Palmerio (1a), Andrew Muir (1g,2a), Jonah Kennedy (1a), Ryan Faria (1g,1a), and goalie Christian Rasmussen (1a). Lockyer’s legal beagle was Devon Dunkerley with the hat-trick and Chris Quayle, Carter Tremblay & Bradley Mayer-Harman doing the grunt work.

Riverdale Fitness Mill 6
Gusto Restaurant 4
In another close one, Gusto couldn’t get a grip on the Riverdale Fitness fellows, even though Riverdale’s bench was limited. Gusto Restaurant servers were Cody Gibson, Ryan McKee, Cameron Randall, & Mark Rice, with the busboys being Gibson, Eric Cosgrove, Wendle Simpson, Bandon Verrinder, & Rocco Manicone. Riverdale’s iron pumpers were Andrew McClure from Sean Cromack, McClure from Mark Ebsary & Robert Lenstra, Cromack from Brennan Ciccotelli & Ethan Firsoff, McClure (unassisted), Firsoff from McClure & Ebsary, and Ciccotelli from Ebsary.

Adcro Group Ltd. 4
Bolton Toyota 1
The last one for May had Adcro trimming Bolton Toyota and taking away some of the shine. Adcro’s 4 goal first period proved to be all they needed to get the win over the Toyota team. Adcro’s aces were Aman Gill from Simran Mahal, Chris Della Mora from Nicholas Figliomeni, Gill from Sebastian Geraci, and Della Mora from Dave Phillips & Mahal. Bolton Toyota’s lone obstacle course finisher was Eric Viveiros from Michael Sampson giving the directions.