Second night of the IBHL round robin playoffs had some big scores, tight games and a forfeit.

Gold 3
Foot Clinic & Orthotics 0 (forfeit, due to no players showing up)

Pro Net Sports 7
Link Mechanical 0
Robert Legge was able to stop all comers and earn the shut-out for Pro Net. Pro Net point getters were Lucas Pontes, Jason Oreskovic, Eric Langen, Seamus McGee, Andrew Estevez, James Tielo, Kevin Cordeiro, Carlos Medeiros, Tiago Medeiros, and Matt Armstrong.

Adcro Group 6
Carney Plumbing 2
Adcro continued on their unbeaten streak and garnered 4.5 points in this game, with the feisty Carney crew being able to sneak a half point in the 3rd. Carney twine ticklers were Mark Ebsary from Travis Cassar & Kristi Bhogal, and Brandon Sinclair from Ben Karstens & Jessica Turk Maiato. Adcro arrows were fired from Matt Scida (1g), Sebastian Geraci (3g), Alex Della Mora (3a), Chris Della Mora (1a), Conner Catenaro (1g) Phil Iozzo (1g,1a), and Nick Figliomeni (1a).

Lockyer and Hein 3
Caledon Hills Cycling 1
In the last game of the night Caledon Hills surprised Lockyer by coming out strong and winning the first period. Caledon Hills marksman was Cale McGitchie from Ryan Hawley & Mark Benjamin. Lockyer lamp lighters were Marco Franza from Tyler Fell & Andy Williams, Williams from Franza, and Cody Gibson from Kelvin Young