The 2024 IBHL Round Robin Playoffs have begun and with a double header week of games on June 11 & 13th that gave us big scores, tight matches and crazy comebacks.

June 11, 2024

Rocky da Realtor        10
Nobletoyz                    2
To open the round robin action, 1st place Rocky da Realtor faced off against Nobletoyz and showed what they were made of garnering all 5 points. Point getters for Rocky were Nick Barbosa, Franco Zuccato, Matt Cardadeiro, Joey Barbosa, Jordan Burke, Joe Ranieri, Chris Cola, & Steve Luongo. Nobletoyz net nabbers were Travis Tancoo from Mark Benjamin & Derrick Noble, and Ken Monroe from Noble.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics          8
Bolton Toyota                        4
Bolton Toyota came out of the gate on fire potting 3 goals in the opening frame and taking a commanding lead and ultimately winning the period with David Dlugozima getting the hat-trick with help from Brent Atkins & Jake Power. Foot Clinic were able to mount a comeback late in the 1st with Cooper Bertrand netting a pair from Koen & Hayden Heinrich, but it was too little too late for that frame. Foot Clinic owned the 2nd with Andrew Muir from Bertrand, Koen from Thomas McClure & Bertrand, Hayden from Owen Sclisszi, & Bertrand from McClure & Russel Crouch. The third saw Bertrand from Hayden & Sclisszi and Sclisszi from Bertrand seal the deal with Toyota’s Power from Dlugozima & Johnny Simoes making it close in the dying minute.

Lockyer + Hein          3
Adcro Group Ltd        3
In end-to-end action each team tied each period and earned 2.5 points apiece. Lockyer opened the scoring with Andrew LaPlante from Brandon Dorner in the first 3 minutes. Adcro answered back with 2 goals in 9 seconds with the first was Kultaran Singh from Manveer Lota & Nick Figliomeni. And Pratyush Bhandari from Chris Millman to get the lead. Less than 30 seconds later Lockyer was able to tie it up when Matt Humber from Jonathan Kukucska & Michael Johns. In the 2nd frame each team netted 1 with Lockyer drawing first blood in just over a minute when Humber from Johns & Eddie Croft found the back of the net. Adcro, not to be out done got the tying goal back with David Burke from Figliomeni. Neither team could find the back of the twine tent in the 3rd, ending the game in a draw.

Salisbury Garden Supplies    5
Riverdale Fitness Mill             2
Salisbury found their feet after the 1st frame to light the lamp four times over the last 2 periods, while Riverdale’s short bench showed the steam being let out after earning the tie in the 1st. Salisbury’s snipers were Brayden Charlton from Tyler Grant & Cameron Garcia, Grant from Charlton, Grant from Charlton & Garcia, Joey Jacome from Garcia & Antonio Rizzo, and Grant from Charlton & Garcia. Riverdale’s racer was Andrew McClure with the brace assisted by Luca Triolo Troy Smith & Tyler Richards.

French Glass Co.        4
Gusto Restaurant        1
The last game of the first night saw French Glass shatter the Gusto group taking the 1st & 3rd periods while tying the 2nd. French Glass go to guys were Jason Oreskovic (unassisted), Oreskovic from Mike Azevedo & Eric Langen, Azevedo from Langen & Ryan Silveira, and Seamus McGee from Oreskovic & Matt Armstrong. Gusto’s guy was Jeff Simpson from Curtis Erskine & Josh Soares.

June 13, 2024

French Glass Co         5
Riverdale Fitness Mill 2
To start the 2nd night of the first week of round robin play in the IBHL French Glass carried on from where they left off on Tuesday getting another 4.5 points taking the 1st & 3rd & tying the 2nd with Riverdale Fitness. French Glass lamp lighters were Jason Oreskovic from Mike Azevedo, Matt Armstrong from Mike Rockall & Azevedo, Ryan Silveira from Oreskovic & Gordon Tobin, Silveira from Tobin, & Seamus McGee from Azevedo & Armstrong. Riverdale’s sharp shooters were Owen Adams from Mark Ebsary, and Tyler Richards from Andrew McClure & Robert Lenstra.

Adcro Group Ltd                    8
Salisbury Garden Supplies    1
Adcro took full advantage of the short-benched Salisbury group and ran to the finish line taking all 5 points. Point getters for Adcro were Dave Phillips, Sebastian Geraci, Aman Gill, Simran Mahal, Chris Della Mora, Kultaran Singh, Sid Dhatta, David Burke, Pratyush Bhandari, & Harry Singh. Salisbury’s lone lamp lighter was Matt McKeown (unassisted).

Foot Clinic & Orthotics          6
Lockyer + Hein                      1
Foot Clinic were able to be stable this whole game potting a pair in each frame to get the win & 5 points, while Lockyer kept it close, they weren’t able to sneak any points from last season’s champs. Lockyer’s lamp lighter was Michael Johns from Jonathan Kukucska & Matt Humber. Foot Clinic’s clappers were Cooper Bertrand with 4 and an assist, Owen Sclisszi with 1 and a helper and Koen Heinrich with 1 and 1. Other assists were from Darcy McClure, Josh Horvath, Chase Palmerio & Hayden Heinrich.

Rocky da Realtor        7
Bolton Toyota             1
Rocky da Realtor were able to remain on top after 2 nights, taking all 5 from the Bolton Toyota crew despite Toyota’s dogged efforts. Toyota’s shiner was Johnny Simoes from Blake Cutone. Rocky’s wranglers were Nick Biamonte, Joe Ranieri, Nick Barbosa, Matt Cardadeiro, Jordan Burke & Chris Cola (2), helped by Franco Zuccato, Barbosa, Cardadeiro, Joey Barbosa, Ryan Gibney, & Emmett Gibney.

Carney Plumbing        3
Nobletoyz                   3
In a wild turn of events Carney were able to come back from a 3-goal deficit in the 3rd and earn the tie with Nobletoyz. Nobletoyz gamers were Mark Benjamin from Derrick Noble, Hunter MacGregor from Brian Jacobi, and Randy Garcha from Travis Tancoo & Ryan Hawley. The 3rd period hero for Carney was JP Kamber with the hat-trick with help from Jessica Turk Maiato, Jeff Nugent & Kacper Halama, while Dylan Berry kept the ball out to give them the chance.