IBHL 2023 week one of round robin play has big scores, a shut-out and a tie.

June 13, 2023

Caledon Hills Cycling 8
Carney Plumbing 0
In the first game of the playoffs Caledon Hills keeper, Robert Legge, wouldn’t allow the plumbers any access and shut the faucet off tightly. Point getters for the Cycling crew were Seamus McGee, Jason & Phil Oreskovic, James Tielo, Lucas Pontes, Tiago Medeiros, Carlos Medeiros, Mike Azevedo, & Andrew Estevez.

Adcro Group Ltd 8
Nobletoyz 1
Keeping with the big scores, Adcro saw what Caledon Hills did and decided to follow suit, however, Sam Hoffman from Ryan Hawley was able to get one past Johnathan Crocetti for Nobletoyz and spoil the shut-out bid. Adcro aces were Chris & Alex Della Mora, Sebastian Geraci, Chris Peters, Connor Catenaro, Manveer Lota, Matt Scida, Simran Mahal, Pietro DeMarchi & Vince Figliomeni.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 13
Link Mechanical 3
Sensing a theme for the night, Foot Clinic & Orthotics, were fleet of foot and stepped around Link Mechanical for the win. Foot flashers were Cooper Bertrand, Owen Sclisszi, Hayden & Koen Heinrich, Thomas & Darcy McClure, Andrew Muir, Jarod McHiliargey, Matthew Jaques and Ryan Faria. Link’s lamp lighters were Jesse & Jakob Gatt, with Gavin D’Eri & the Gatt brothers getting assists.

Gusto Restaurant Caledon 9
Bolton Toyota 2
The fourth game saw more of the same with Gusto having take-out over Bolton Toyota. Gusto’s go to guys were Andy Williams, Cody Gibson, Kelvin Young, Jacob Mota-Wyatt, Tyler Fell, Brandon Verrinder, Cameron Randall, & Wendle Simpson. Toyota’s truckers were Travis Tancoo from Jake Power, & Michael Sampson from Eric Viveiros.

Lockyer & Hein 2
Riverdale Fitness Mill 2
The last game of the opening night of playoffs broke the big goal spell and a great end to end contest with neither team being able to best the other. Riverdale’s fit fellows were Mark Ebsary from Cody O’Neil & Andrew McClure, and Ethan Firsoff from McClure & Sean Cromack.  Lockyer’s legal team was Cody Brennan with both as head counsel aided by Mitch Banks.