With 3rd & 4th still open to 3 teams in the round robin playoffs, and only one night to go, which 2 of the three teams will make it through to the final 4? The 3 remaining contenders are Caledon Hills Cycling, Gusto Restaurant & Riverdale Fitness Mill.

August 01

Riverdale Fitness Mill 7
Gusto Restaurant 0
The young guns from Riverdale were able to take full advantage over the short-benched Gusto gang and get Ty Harris the shutout win. Getting on the score sheet for the Riverdale Fitness crew were Andrew McClure, Tyler Grant, Robert Lenstra, Mark Ebsary, Tyler Richards, Jack Purchase, Owen Adams, Brennan Ciccotelli, David Provanzano, Sean Cromack, Joey Jacome, and Troy Smith.

Carney Plumbing 3
Lockyer & Hein 0 (forfeit)

Caledon Hills Cycling 8
Nobletoyz 1
In the 3rd game of the night Caledon Hills took charge and stayed in the hunt for the semi-finals with a win over Nobletoyz. Nobletoyz bright light was Bunter MacGregor from Nick Lewis & Ryan Hawley. Caledon Hills lamp lighters were Jason Oreskovic with the double hat-trick and Seamus McGee with a pair, assists were from McGee, Eric Langen, Mike Ghaly, Carlos Medeiros, Robert Legge (goalie), Phil Oreskovic, Matt Armstrong & James Tielo.

Adcro Group Limited 3
Link Mechanical 0 (forfeit)

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 3
Bolton Toyota 0 (forfeit).