The 3rd night of IBHL action has tighter games and a couple of ties.

Link Mechanical  2
Gold                    1
In a nail biter, Link Mechanical nabbed a pair in the 3rd frame to get the win over Gold.  Gold’s goal getter was Joey Jacome from Mike Ip.  Link’s lamp lighters were Christian Abosh from Andrew Luicenti & Anthony Mellace, and Brendan Dafoe from Mellace.

Carney Plumbing 4
Caledon Hills Cycling 4
In the first tie of the year neither Carney nor Caledon Hills could better the other on this night.  Cycling cyclers were Matthew Sharpe from Michael Kadish, Kadish from Joe Casentino, Kadish from Ken Munroe, and Ryan Hawley (unassisted).  Carney got to guys were Brandon Sinclair (unassisted), Sandy Shand from Brian Dunn & Jessica Turk Maiato, Shand from Turk Maiato & Dave Phillips, and Turk Maiato from Shand & Dunn.

Adcro Group     3
Lockyer + Hein 1
In another tight one Adcro kept their win streak alive with a narrow margin victory over Lockyer + Hein.  Adcro goal getters were Vince Figliomeni from Nick Figliomeni, N Figliomeni from V Figliomeni, and N Figliomeni from Sebastian Geraci & David Phillips. Lockyer’s lamp lighter was Andy Williams from Wendle Simpson.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics 5
Pro Net Sports             5
In the 2nd tie of the night Foot Clinic and Pro Net stayed neck and neck until the end.  Pro Net plunderers were Matt Armstrong from Kevin Cordeiro & Cory Tsiourlis, Seamus McGee from Jason Oreskovic & Phil Oreskovic, Eric Langden from J Oreskovic & James Tielo, Lucas Pontes (unassisted), and Tielo from Langden & Tiago Medeiros.  Foot Clinic cage crashers were Cooper Bertrand with the hat-trick plus one, and Austin Tremblay with the single.  Helpers were from the sticks of Jonah Kennedy, Bertrand, Mitch Banks, Josh Horvath, Tremblay & Ethan Pacheco.